Aleksis Tulonen.

Picture of Aleksis Tulonen sitting with a laptop on his lap

In school, I learned the difference between a right and a wrong answer. In my working life, I realized that being aware of ambiguity is often more important.

By chance, I ended up at Tellabs as a system tester from school. I had my first contact with the world of testing. I still approached it too much, according to what I had learned at school.

Years passed. I gained experience, attended courses, and met people who were already further along than myself. I started to understand more how much understanding you can gain about the product through testing if you are skilled enough at it. I also saw the importance of testing as part of product development. I had found my place in the world of software development.

Over time, however, I noticed that I ended up in the same situation several times. Improving testing approaches was strongly linked to how we develop products and systems together. If I want to find better ways to test, I should, together with the team, further modify the way we do development.

However, I did not understand how a high-quality designed and built product emerges from an idea thrown in passing. I came to Taiste years ago as a project manager for this reason.

At its best, digital product development is not about specification, design, programming, or testing. All it takes is a committed and caring group of people with suitable support structures, enough time, and a clear enough goal.