Problem With Failure

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Every now and then there comes a tweet, blog post or article about failure and learning. And there’s always something that is bothering me. Which is why I wrote a blog post long time ago. This time I will tackle it from a bit different angle.

Let me explain.

Failure & Root Cause

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When you will mention that from failure comes an opportunity to learn. What is it that you will learn? I would say that there’s often a hidden assumption related to recognizing how you need to change your behaviour. In other words, finding a root cause.

It’s just that I don’t believe there is THE root cause. There can be a cause. And many others besides that one that you have found. Which was something that Matti agreed also.

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Simon though provided interesting opinion related to root cause and its usefulness.

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Heuristic being (according Oxford dictionaries):

Enabling a person to discover or learn something for themselves

Which brings us back to learning. Let’s try to wrap this up.

What are you actually learning when you fail?

This is a good question to ask from yourself.

Before we go to that, is the world full of only failures and successes? We, humans, have a habit of thinking in binary. That there’s only two ways to label an observation. It’s either failure - or success. Is that the only way to look at it though?

As Jerry Weinberg said:

There’s no failure, only feedback.

You could add to it:

There’s no failure or success, only feedback.

Point being, you’re pretty confident of yourself if you’re able to say what’s a failure or success. And in the end - how useful is that labeling for you?

So perhaps the biggest learning in the end is that you labeled something like this as a failure? What does that tell you about yourself? Why is this important enough to be labeled as failure?

And that could be important.