The Future of Testing, Part 2

This is a three part blog post, where I will focus on first part summarizing a panel discussion about the future of testing. On the second part I will mention what is already out there. On the third and final part I will share what other people from software testing and software development community think about this topic.

In this second part I will briefly list some of the articles, videos, blog posts and podcasts I found while familiarizing myself with this subject (I dropped few away from the list as they required registering to a site). I’ve divided them to ones that focus on software development generally and ones that focus on testing specifically.

Let me know if there’s something out there that should be on the list.

Simon Morley - Some Software Development & Testing Challenges 2016

Valerie Silverthorne - Facing the future of software testing one change at a time

Joe Montvelinsky - Testing in 2020

Patrick Prill - Reinventing Testers and Testing to prepare for the Future

Kishen Simbhoedatpanday & Alan Richardson - Future Of Testing And Automation: The Role Of The Tester In 2020

Joris Meerts - The Real Future of Software Testing

Matthew Heusser - The future of software testing: How to adapt and remain relevant

James Bach - Test Jumpers: One Vision of Agile Testing

International 2016 State of Testing

Asaf Yigal - How DevOps is Killing QA

Paul Gerard - DevOps is killing QA. Really?

Rich Rogers - Opportunities and Threats Part One: Prophecies of Doom

Colin Garlick - The Impending Extinction of Testers

Future of Software Development

9 predictions for the future of programming

Bret Victor - Future of Programming [talk]

Leaked transcript of censored Bret Victor talk

a16z Podcast: The Future of Software Development

Alexander Tarlinder - The Future of Software Development

Ben Gilbert - This could be the future of all software development

Steven Pemberton - Moore’s Switch, and the future of programming

Software Engineering: The Next 50 Years

Grady Booch - The Future of Software Engineering [talk]

Grady Booch - The History (and the Future) of Software [talk]

Uncle Bob - The Future of Programming [talk]